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Pet Odour and Stain Removal

pet stain and odour removal mandurah
PET STAIN MANDURAHWe all love our pets, however even the most well behaved pet can have accidents. Unless the issue is properly addressed, permanent staining, damage and odour control issues can occur. As with any stain, timing is critical, the longer a cat or dog urine stain is left on your carpet or lounge, the higher the risk of colour loss or permanent discolouration. It is important to act quickly.  
PET STAIN DIAGRAM MANDURAHOnce introduced into the carpet, urine will gravitate through the carpet, carpet backing, carpet padding to pool on the floor beneath. Urine starts as an acid base and as it drys highly alkaline urine crystals or salts are formed. Even though the water component has evaporated these urine salts (the source of the odour) remain concentrated in the carpet backing.  

The Process

Understanding the problem is essential to making and informed decision towards a permanent solution.


The crystalline structure of dried urine causes it to fluoresce under the ultraviolet wavelength of a black light, enabling us to very quickly identify all problem areas. The level of contamination will determine one of 3 possible options.

light-soilage-sqLight Soilage – Surface

In many instances, pet stains and odours can be professionally removed using a combination of specialised stain and odour treatments, steam cleaning and deodorising. However if the carpet backing and underlay are effected more steps are required.

moderate-soilage-sqModerate to heavy soilage – sub surface

To solve this problem we begin by saturating the carpet with a special cleaning solution on the urine, penetrating the carpet and padding to reach the source of the odour. Then using a special extraction tool we remove the cleaning solution and urine deposits from the carpet and padding.

For more severe cases the removal of the padding and treatment of concrete base may be required.

severe-soilage-sqSevere Soilage – Replacement

Depending on the severity of the urine contamination it may be wise to consider the replacement of carpet and pad. The concrete base, walls and baseboards must still be properly cleaned.

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