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Mattress Cleaning

Like any surface we come into contact with on a regular basis (daily), your mattress should be thoroughly cleaned. A mattress over time will gather sweat, body oils and  dead skin to name just a few, a virtual feast for the armies of dust mites who love your soft fabrics, upholstery and especially your mattress. It is estimated that we spend about one third of our life in bed, more that enough time to spend in such bad company. CJG Cleaning is an expert resource for you mattress cleaning needs, we recommend that you have your mattress thoroughly cleaned every 6 to 24 months. Our powerful truck mounted equipment and cleaning techniques will  thoroughly clean and sanitise your mattress to an exceptional standard, leaving them soft, clean and smelling great ultimately leaving you and your family with a healthier sleeping environment. Sweet dreams!
  • Carpet Cleaning MandurahBed Bugs are killed by our steam cleaning.
  • Dust Mites and their allergy involving faeces are removed.
  • Odours that result from everyday use are eliminated.
  • Urine spots are often completly eliminated.
  • Viruses and bacteria eliminated.

Our Cleaning Process

inspection1 – PRE INSPECTION 

We determine the fibre and construction type also looking for any rips tears or areas of concern

vacuum-your-mattress2 – HIGH FILTRATION – PRE VACUUM Super powerful industrial spec vacuum cleaner to remove 75-85% of solid dirt particles.
PRE - SPRAY MANDURAH3 – PRE SPRAY Fabric is pre sprayed with a high quality upholstery cleaning solution, any stains are also treated.
agitate4 – AGITATE Using a soft horse hair brush the material is agitated, aiding in the separation of deeply embedded soils and body oils.
hot-water-extraction5 – HOT WATER EXTRACTION The material is steam cleaned with fibre rinse to really cleanse your matress to its core
anti-allergen6 – PRE SPRAY ANTI ALLERGEN Once cleaned and treated with anti allergen you can expect allergy relief within the first 3 days, often sooner
dryingtimes7 – DRYING TIMES CJG Cleaning employs the drymaster upholstery tool, this and our powerful truck mounted equipment ensures a rapid drying time of approximately 3 hours.

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